Obviously, keen skiers who have very young children, will be pleased to know that Pirinea offers a first class Creche along with a whole range of other practical facilities to keep parents relaxed and the children happy. For families looking to get the best of the world class ski slopes nearby, our ski workshop will be happy to assist the whole family with any ski or snowboard advice and equipment.

It’s taken care of

The Creche and nursery service is part of the hotel’s services and is run and managed by trained professionals, allowing you more time on the ski slopes, playing golf or relaxing at the spa. Fun and safety for all the family is also taken care of inside the hotel as all of the Pirinea’s swimming pools are managed by professional lifeguards.

Take advantage

Once again, to allow owners and guests the time to take advantage of the fine dining on offer, we also offer a child minder service throughout the night. On the practical side laundry and pressing is readily available for you, your family and, of course, your guests.


All things considered

Away from skiing, you and the children can enjoy the bowling alley or snooker room. Pirinea also has a games room with Bridge, Poker, Chess & Backgammon Clubs for adults and also table tennis. using computers and watching multi-channel TV is no problem as all apartments offer Cable TV, Internet and WiFi.

<h1>Family facilities at Pirinea include creche nursery ski slopes golf and Thalgo spa</h1> <p><b>Family facilities at Pirinea in Banya Bulgaria include creche, nursery service, ski slopes, golf, swimming and Thalgo spa facilities for all the family</b></p> <i>creche, nursery service, hotel services, trained professionals, ski slopes, playing golf, relaxing, spa, fun and safety, family, swimming pools, managed, professional lifeguards</i> <p><em><a href="sitemap.html">sitemap</a> | <a href="property/sitemap.html">sitemap</a></em> | <a href="buy-investment-property-bulgaria.html"><em>investment property in Bulgaria</em></a></p>