At Pirinea, rentals are all year round, unlike many neighboring resorts, rentals are reliant on season. Pirinea will receive naturally high rental income in the ski season but offers a unique opportunity to receive equal occupancy in the summer months. With gold equidistance to skiing and world class spa facilities within the development, Pirinea really is a all year round resort.

When RilaDev began assessing the possibility of building Pirinea, two key considerations were made. What will create the best income stream for owners, and where will receive the best capital appreciation?

It was clear that investing in hotels are a safe way to secure good rental income. Additionally Banya shows fantastic promise of capital appreciation, comparably with neighboring resorts. The location offers the best of all three resorts.

All Year Round Investment

Banya is quickly becoming the choice for the investor. Preferential prices and uncrowned, serene environment puts Banya as the best opportunity within this exciting new tourist area. Unlike neighboring Bansko and Razlog, Banya is not reliant on either the winter or summer season for rental occupancy. Forming a equilateral triangle Banya benefits from both skiing and golf with the added benefit of all year round spa facilities. With more facilities on site Pirinea offers a superb opportunity to invest in a all year round resort.


Continuous Growth

Much of the land surrounding Pirinea has been secured ensuring continuous growth within the area; a new golf course in Banya is planned and over €15 billion investment into the area is planned for the next few years. Many of the world’s leading property funds have recently acquired land in Banya, Equest and Deutscherbank have both already made solid commitments with land purchasing in the area.

Pirinea offers a unique positioning at the highest point ensuring those investors buying for the outstanding views will be able to enjoy them without any interruption from neighboring developments. Set on a massive 10,000 square meter site and containing only 161 apartments, Pirinea is also one of the lowest density developments of its kind.

With firm restrictions of further construction works within this area, Pirinea offers a highly exclusive opportunity to buy in possibly, the best location, in one of the fastest emerging markets in the world.

Pirinea Holidays Assurance

Combining world class home builders RilaDev with experienced management and tour operator Pirinea Holidays, your investment is in good hands. Tempos are offering a practical, low risk rental scheme to all new owners. Unlike many rental schemes offered in today’s buoyant market, Pirinea Holidays will be working with some of the largest tour operators in Europe to ensure Pirinea receives high occupancy rates throughout the year.

Additionally, with so many facilities on offer for the summer months Pirinea Holidays are highly confident that all year round rentals are most certainly achievable, again, adding further value to your investment.



<h1>Pirinea the all year resort ensuring high rental income</h1> <p><b>Pirinea rentals are year round unlike neighboring resorts. Pirinea receive high rental income in the ski season but offer a unique opportunity receiving equal occupancy in the summer months</b></p> <i>hotel living, investment, pirinea holidays, pirinea, thalgo spa, year round, bulgaria, banya, development, investment, pirinea, life style, spa facilities, skiing, golf, nightlife, property, real estate, rental scheme, riladev, ski in bulgaria</i> <p><em><a href="sitemap.html">sitemap</a> | <a href="property/sitemap.html">sitemap</a></em> | <a href="buy-investment-property-bulgaria.html"><em>investment property in Bulgaria</em></a></p>